Since late 1994, Michael Goldberg has been writing a personal music column, which has run under various column names including "Editorial Rant," "Sunday Morning" and "The Drama You've Been Craving." The column began in November 1994 as "Editorial Rant," and first appeared December 1, 1994 in the inaugral issue of Addicted To Noise. "Editorial Rant" introduced each month's issue of Addicted To Noise from December 1994 to July 1997. Some of them are essays independent of the rest of the issue's stories; others focused on topics of the day and are probably only of historical interest.

In 1997, Goldberg began writing a weekly column, which appeared on Sundays as the lead story on SonicNet's Music News of the World.

In July 2000 Goldberg began writing a new weekly column, The Drama You've Been Craving, which appears each week at StarPolish and on All of "The Drama You've Been Craving" columns are available in the "previous columns" area of

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