If You Write About Music, Listen Up!

Live album coming from the Mekons

Calling all music writers! The Fourth Annual International Music Writers Poll has arrived. Rock & Rap Confidential and are currently accepting votes for the top 10 albums of Year 2000, along with comments about the past year in music (i.e., what's your take on such topics as Napster, Eminem or whatever made or destroyed the year for you?). Anyone who actually writes about music can vote; in fact, if you write about music, they really want you to vote. If you're reading this, you're online — so go ahead and email your list of the top 10 albums released in 2000 (along with your comments, if you feel like it) to Be sure to let them know your name, your mailing address and your primary writing outlets. And if you know any other folks who write about music, get the word out to them too. Deadline is no later than January 15, 2001. So there's no time to fool around. Got it?... While the Mekons have no plans to release a new studio album this year, bandmembers have been sifting through live recordings to compile a new CD. No word yet on whether it will be out this year or next. The group's last album, Journey to the End of the Night (released on Quarterstick), was one of the musical highlights of 2000. [Wednesday, January 10, 2001]

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