Quasi In The Studio

Spoon and Boards of Canada release Eps

Quasi — drummer Janet Weiss and singer/musician Sam Coomes — have been recording tracks for their next album at studios in the Portland area. The album will be released on Touch & Go, probably toward the end of the year... The new Spoon album, Girls Can Tell, won't be out until March, but meanwhile a terrific, rockin' five-song EP, Love Ways, is here. Songs include "Change My Life," "I Didn't Come Here to Die" and "The Figures of Art."... Also just out is a four-song EP from Boards of Canada titled "In A Beautiful Place Out in the Country." No word yet on when the full-length follow-up to the duo's acclaimed 1998 debut, Music Has the Right to Children, will be completed and released. [Friday, January 12, 2001]

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