Le Tigre Back With Cool EP

Viacom prepares further music-empire expansion

The new Le Tigre EP, "Le Tigre: From the Desk of Mr. Lady," is an amazing seven-song punk-rock recording in the old (mid-'70s) sense of punk, due out Jan. 23 on Mr. Lady. Le Tigre — Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman and J. D. Samson — use lo-fi technology to create powerful rock with a potent message. Their music conforms to no standard, fits no artificial genre categorization. And they've got something to say, which is always refreshing. Sometimes the message is political ("Get Off the Internet" with the line "destroy the right wing") and sometimes the message is pro-feminism ("They want us to make a symphony out of the sound of women swallowing their own tongues" is the title of one my favorites). The other songs: "Bang! Bang!," "Yr Critique," the excellent "Gone b4 yr home," "Mediocrity Rules" and a Rachael Kozak remix of "All That Glitters" ... In case you care about such things, Viacom (which, in addition to MTV, MTV2 and VH1, now owns BET, the Nashville Network, the Box, a fleet of radio stations in markets all over America and a handful of big Internet music sites) has put in a bid to buy Cablevision's Rainbow Media, whose assets include the music-video channel MuchMusic U.S.A. And why not have one multinational media conglomerate machine own all the significant music channels? [Friday, January 19, 2001]

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