Red House Painters Return With Album, Tour Plans

Cult favorites will release Old Ramon this Spring

The Red House Painters, known for their moody, low-keyed and highly emotional sound, have regrouped and will release a new album, Old Ramon, through Sub Pop on April 17. The group — leader/singer/songwriter/ guitarist Mark Kozelek, bassist Jerry Vessel, drummer Anthony Koutsos and guitarist Phil Carney (who replaced original guitarist Gorden Mack in 1995) — developed a passionate cult following during the early-to-late '90s, based on a series of awe-inspiring albums and live performances. They will perform together for the first time since 1997 at a Sub Pop SXSW showcase at Emo's in March, and according to the label, will "tour extensively" following the album's release. Old Ramonfeatures ten songs: "Wop-A-Din-Din," "Byrd Joel," "Void," "Between Days," "Cruiser," "Michigan," "River," "Smokey," "Golden" and "Kavita." [Friday, January 19, 2001]

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