Tim Easton Plus Wilco Equals One Heartfelt Album

Free Mary Timony, Stephen Malkmus MP3s at Matador site

Tim Easton is an alterna-country artist you'll be hearing plenty about. According to music critic Chris Nelson, you should listen up when you do. Nelson profiles Easton in a feature that ran the other day in the Chicago Tribune, ("To Tell The Truth"). "The stories on [Easton's album] The Truth About Us play like they're set behind a gauzy curtain," writes Nelson. "Part of the effect is Easton, whose voice sounds like an airy cousin to Bob Dylan's or Steve Earle's. And part of it is the textured sounds conjured by Wilco, whether it's Ken Coomer's doomed drumbeats or Jay Bennett's ethereal keyboards, which hover like an angel outside the window. But mostly it's Easton's lyrics. They reveal just enough for you to recognize a raw nerve struck or feel a knot in your stomach, but rarely tell the whole story. 'This feels like the night my plane goes down/ Twenty minutes later your train gets to town/ Why'd you have to come around when I'm away?' he sings in 'Half a Day.'" Easton goes on to tell Nelson, "I don't mean to be a confessional songwriter. Often I'm writing about someone's life that I eavesdropped on. A song might just start with one line, one idea, and then it has to be finished — and some of it has to be pulled out of thin air." ... If you head over to the MP3 area of the Matador Records site you'll hear an alternative version of Mary Timony's "Poison Moon" and a new song, "The Hook," from Stephen Malkmus' solo debut, which will see release Feb. 13. [Wednesday, January 24, 2001]

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