Blake Babies Reunion Album!

Groovy alterna-pop trio deliver pure pop high

A decade after they disbanded, the Blake Babies are back with a new album, God Bless the Blake Babies. Among the highlights are Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando trading vocals on "Brain Damage" (co-written by Dando and Ben Lee), whose chorus goes, "The brain damage is all in your head/ It's all in your head/ It's all in your head." At one point in the song Dando sings, "I've done all the drugs I could buy." Hatfield, guitarist John Strohm and drummer Freda Love, who met while attending Boston's Berklee School of Music and formed the group in 1986, spent 10 days recording the album in Bloomington, Ind., last year. In case you forgot, Lemonheads frontman Dando briefly played bass in the Blake Babies in 1988. God Bless the Blake Babies will be released March 6 on Rounder Records' Zoe label; standout tracks include "Disappear," "Baby Gets High" and "When I See His Face," with it's '60s girl-group chorus, "When I see his face/ I'll tell you how it feels/ It's just like breaking up/ After a million years." Explaining why the group broke up, Strohm said in a Zoe press release, "You get a bunch of 19-year-olds with critics telling them they're important, you're asking for trouble." [Friday, January 26, 2001]

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