Pernice Brothers Complete Album

Action Slacks release CD, prepare to tour

Joe Pernice is mixing the next Pernice Brothers album, an as-yet-untitled collection of his heartbreaking, country-tinged pop songs that should see release by early summer. The album will be the first on Pernice's new label, Ashmont Records, which he's formed with his manager, Joyce Linehan. Recorded in Pernice's new home studio, it was produced by Pernice and producer/engineer/musician Thom Monahan, who also co-produced Pernice's solo album of last year, the superb Big Tobacco. Many of the musicians who performed on previous Pernice albums — 1998's Overcome By Happiness, 2000's Chappaquiddick Skyline and Big Tobacco — are on the new one, according to Linehan. Pernice will play a handful of solo shows in Ireland and London in February; no U. S. dates have been scheduled yet. ... "I don't want to work for anyone" is the opening line of Action Slacks' excellent third album, The Scene's Out of Sight, and it's a sentiment I'm sure most of us can relate to. "There's no time there's no time for fun" continues singer/songwriter Tim Scanlin. Scanlin used to work in my editorial department at SonicNet, so when he sings, "I swear some nights it feels like I could fall right down," I know, personally, just what a burnout the job could be. The new album, produced by J. Robbins (formerly of Jawbox, currently of Burning Airlines) is a rocking power-pop affair. Action Slacks are on the Noise Pop bill with Superchuck and Spoon for a March 3 show at Bimbo's in San Francisco. They'll be touring with Girls Against Boys soon. [Tuesday, January 30, 2001]

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