More AC/DC Covers From Mark Kozelek

The Gossip, The Need to play Yo Yo A Go Go

Mark Kozelek continues his AC/DC fixation with a new album on Badman Records, What's Next to the Moon. The new release features beautifully played acoustic interpretations of 10 AC/DC songs, including "Up to My Neck in You," "Bad Boy Boogie," "Walk All Over You," "I Want Blood" and "Rock 'N' Roll Singer." This is the follow-up to Kozelek's EP, Rock 'N' Roll Singer, which featured different versions of three songs that appear on the new album. Of course you know, since we previously reported it, that Kozelek has re-formed the Red House Painters, and that their new album, Old Ramon, will be out on Sub Pop April 17. ... Artists currently set to play the fourth Yo Yo A Go Go fest in Olympia, Wash. July 17–21 include The Gossip, The Need, Mountain Goats, Mirah, Rebecca Pearcy, CO CO, Evaporators, The Cannanes & Stewart, and Space Ballerinas. More to come. [Thursday, Feb. 1, 2001]

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