Trippin' To The Acetone Sound

Low-keyed rock trio's fourth album a winner

No surprise that the sometimes spacey, sometimes ragged, sometimes countrified L. A.-based guitar trio Acetone are signed to Neil Young and his manager's Vapor Records label. Their fourth album, York Blvd., may have been released last year, but you probably missed it. The sometimes-languid rhythms, occasional tonal coloration of a steel guitar and slacker vocals are surprisingly compelling. Sometimes York Blvd. is reminiscent of Wilco's debut, which is, perhaps, a way of saying that there's a bit of early Neil Young and Crazy Horse in these tracks. We're enchanted by "19," but the album's highlight is probably "Stray." But then you might prefer another of the album's 10 mesmerizing tracks. [Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2001]

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