Tram Cover Buckley

SonicNet gets a facelift; debut album from Mount Florida

Tram's second album is called Frequently Asked Questions. It includes a beautiful version of Tim Buckley's "Once I Was," produced by John Parish, who plays slide guitar on it. Tram are part of the ambient folk-rock movement that includes Low, Songs: Ohia and Mark Kozelek. ... That new Yahoo!/portal-style home page over at SonicNet is a major improvement. Cool selection of recent reviews too. Now if they could just kill that lame "Me Music. It's Mine." tagline. ... Sound manipulator M. P. Lancaster and the DJ known as Twitch record as the Glasgow-based Mount Florida. Their debut, Arrived Phoenix, is a sonic journey that finds them utilizing field recordings, live musicians and other sound sources to winsome ends. [Monday, Feb. 19, 2001]

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