No Surprises At The Grammys

Steely Dan, U2 win; Eminem a letdown

At least it's amusing that Steely Dan's Two Against Nature and their song "Cousin Dupree" won Grammys — the lyrics to their most recent songs include some not-exactly-ready-for-prime time material. The late William Burroughs is having a good laugh somewhere. Predictably, though, the most recent album from Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, while interesting, never reaches the same level as their '70s masterpieces, which included Katy Lied and The Royal Scam. Now that the Dan are making albums again and know that there is an audience for their new music, will they dig in and return with something exceptional? One can only hope. ... For U2 to grab a bunch of Grammys in 2001 seems a bit redundant. "Beautiful Day" is a decent enough song, but even Bono seemed slightly embarrassed that it won "Song of the Year." But then, that's business as usual for the Grammys. ... That much-hyped Eminem and Elton performance was no big deal, kinda boring really. ... There were a few worthwhile moments during the three-hour spectacle: Their performance of "Say My Name" proved Destiny's Child a talent worthy of more attention, but what's going on with Macy Gray? She didn't appear to be all there. That made for some great theater, but one can't help worrying about her. Moby was all there, though. Assisted by Jill Scott and Blue Man Group, he turned in a fascinating performance of "Natural Blues." [Thursday, Feb. 22, 2001]

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