Pernice Brothers Album Has A Title

No more cover songs from Kozelek — at least for now

The next Pernice Brothers album will be called The World Won't End. It's due June 5 on Ashmont Records, the new label owned by Joe Pernice and his manager, Joyce Linehan. Recorded at Pernice's home studio, the 11-song album was produced by Pernice and producer/engineer/musician Thom Monahan. Monahan also co-produced Big Tobacco, last year's superb solo album by Pernice. Many of the musicians who performed on previous Pernice albums — 1998's Overcome by Happiness, 2000's Chappaquiddick Skyline and Big Tobacco — are on the new one, according to Linehan. ... Don't expect another album of Red House Painters leader Mark Kozelek singing other artists' songs. The singer/songwriter said that after producing the John Denver tribute album and doing two solo CDs of covers, he's gotten that out of his system. Kozelek said he hopes the Red House Painters will record another album once they finish touring behind their upcoming album, Old Ramon. [Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2001]

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