R.E.M. Shoot Video

Garth Jennings directs clip for "Imitation of Life."

R.E.M. have been shooting a video for "Imitation of Life," a song from their upcoming album, Reveal, which will be released in May, according to the band's REMHQ site. Garth Jennings (Blur, Supergrass, Pulp, Fatboy Slim, Badly Drawn Boy, The Eels) is directing. "Let's just say it is a cross between a dance party, a Rube Goldberg contraption, a sprint, and a giant colorful jigsaw puzzle with a heavy math component," writes R.E.M. manager Bertis Downs in an REMHQ "dispatch." Other tracks set for the album: "The Lifting," "I've Been High," "She Just Wants to Be," "Saturn Return," "Disappear," "Chorus and the Ring," and "Fascinating." [Friday, Mar. 2, 2001]

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