Napster Feels The Pain

Judge issues new injunction against file-swapping service

Napster's days of providing unlimited access to major label-controlled music are over. Federal District Court Judge Marilyn Patel issued an injunction late Monday night (March 5) against Napster, requiring the company to block copyrighted files once the copyright holders provide Napster with specific, detailed information about the songs. The record companies holding the copyrights will not only be able to block already-released songs, but can provide Napster with song info prior to release to prevent music fans utilizing the service from sharing the songs. Already, other file-sharing sites have begun spamming music lovers with info about their services. Dharmata Public Relations sent out a mass email Tuesday that began, "With the law coming down on Napster — where is everyone looking to go? ipingpong is the place to conduct their digital music transactions legally, within the ipingpong environment." [Tuesday, Mar. 6, 2001]

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