R.E.M. MP3 Preview: 'Imitation Of Life'

Excerpt from upcoming single on REMHQ site

R.E.M. have placed an MP3 excerpt (about 50 seconds) from their upcoming single, "Imitation of Life," on their REMHQ site. "Imitation of Life" is one of the tracks on their forthcoming album, Reveal, due out in May. The new song is classic R.E.M., with jangly guitar, a propulsive rhythm, surging organ and a beautiful Stipe vocal. Reveal track listing: "The Lifting," "I've Been High," "All the Way to Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)," "She Just Wants to Be," "Disappear," "Saturn Return," "Beat A Drum," "Imitation of Life," "Summer Turns to High," "Chorus and the Ring," "I'll Take the Rain," "Beachball." [Friday, Mar. 9, 2001]

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