Tom Verlaine, John Doe Do Kristofferson

Tribute will also feature Mark Kozelek, Edith Frost, Jon Langford

Legendary guitarist and Television bandleader Tom Verlaine has recorded a version of "The Hawk" for the Kris Kristofferson tribute album Don't Let the Bastards Get You Down, which will launch Nick Tangborn's new San Francisco-based label, Filthy Records, this summer. Verlaine's contribution is "spare and atmospheric, with [his] trademark guitar sound and soft, brooding vocals," says Tangborn. Other artists contributing include former X co-leader, solo artist and film star John Doe ("Me and Bobby McGee"), The Mekons' Jon Langford ("Help Me Make It Through the Night"), Hannah Marcus and Mark Kozelek ("Lights of Magdala"), Kelly Hogan with Edith Frost, Nora O'Connor and Andrew Bird ("Why Me") and Chuck Prophet ("Loving Her Was Easier"). Why a Kristofferson tribute? Explains Tangborn: "One, he's one of the most influential country singer/songwriters of all time, seeing how he really introduced more adult themes into the clean-shaven world of country. And his songwriting talents are totally under-appreciated outside of record hounds and trad country aficionados these days. Two, I wanted to hear how all of these artists would interpret these songs; Chuck Prophet, for instance, was a no-brainer to do 'Loving Her Was Easier.' Hell, he even sounds like Kristofferson occasionally — same deep growl — but I knew he'd put his own stamp on the tune.... Three, I'm a huge fan." [Monday, Mar. 12, 2001]

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