C Average, Sarah Dougher Go Yo Yo A Go Go

Bonus Tracks For Black Box Recorder CD

Twenty-three artists have signed on thus far to appear at this year's Yo Yo A Go Go music festival. C Average, Sarah Dougher, the Microphones, Gene Defcon and Internal/External are just some of the artists joining such previously announced performers as The Need, The Gossip, Mountain Goats, Mirah and Space Ballerinas. The Yo Yo fest takes place at the Capitol Theater in Olympia, Wash. — July 17–21. Other new additions: Serum Greys, Tracy and the Plastics, The Thrones, The Lords of Lightspeed, Tennessee Twin, Carcelona DC and Dead Moon. ... Two additional songs, "Start As You Mean To Go On" and "Brutality" will appear on the U. S. version of Black Box Recorder's second album The Facts of Life, which will finally see U.S. release March 20th by Jetset Records. ... The excellent Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the debut album by the group of the same name, will be released in the U. S. on April 3. ... As far as photographers go, 84-year-old Louis Faurer, who died on March 2 in Manhattan, wasn't exactly a household name. Those who knew of him, knew him for his street photography, although he did fashion work for such magazines as Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. For the catalog of a 1981 exhibit of his work at the University of Maryland he wrote: "My eyes search for people who are grateful for life, people who forgive and whose doubts have been removed, who understand the truth, whose enduring spirit is bathed by such piercing white light as to provide their present and future with hope." [[Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2001]

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