Wilco For Summer?

'Heavy Metal Drummer' will 'likely' make the grade

The tentative title for the next Wilco album is "Yankee Foxtrot Hotel," according to a source close to the band. The bandmembers have been producing themselves, recording at their loft studio in Chicago. Many songs have been recorded, but the track listing has not yet been solidified. The group's last album, Summer Teeth, was released two years ago. According to our source, "Heavy Metal Drummer," a song bandleader Jeff Tweedy has been performing, will "likely be on the album." The album could be out by mid-July, or "early August at the latest." Don't expect the new one to sound like Summer Teeth, though. "The idea on this record is maybe have a lot more holes of landscape for people to get inside," Tweedy told Spin. "We all get really bored with things quickly. What we made then is almost the opposite of what we think sounds good now." ... Sparks will surely fly on Thursday, March 15, when Henry Rollins appears on the Howard Stern Show from 8:30–9:30 AM. [Wednesday, Mar. 14, 2001]

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