Lost Modest Mouse Album

Sad, Sappy Sucker finally to see release

The "lost" Modest Mouse album, Sad, Sappy Sucker, will contain 24 songs — the 15 that made up the original, previously unreleased album, and another nine bonus tracks. What began as a solo project recorded on a four-track by group founder Isaac Brock became the beginnings of Modest Mouse, according to K Records. Twelve of the songs were recorded by label founder Calvin Johnson at his Dub Narcotic Studio in November 1994; the others are from the same time period. "Due to unforeseen delays, Sad Sappy Sucker was shelved in favor of This Is A Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About(Up Records, 1996)," according to K Records. The album is due in April; those who order it off the K Records site will get it (and a free T-shirt) about two weeks before it's in stores. A free MP3 of one of the album's songs, "Worms vs. Birds," is available at the K Records site. [Friday, March 23, 2001]

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