New Ladybug Transistor Album

Brilliant debut from fromer Crackerbush/Jr. High leader

The Ladybug Transistor's highly anticipated fourth studio album, Argyle Heir, will be released on Merge Records (also current home to Spoon) on May 22. The six-member, Brooklyn-based orchestral-pop group sound like the result of a ménage-à-trois involving Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks and Neural Milk Hotel. The 14-song album was co-produced by TLT founder Gary Olson and longtime associate Bill Wells at Olson's Brooklyn studio, Marlborough Farms. Among the songs on Argyle Heir are "Fjords of Winter," "Fires on the Ocean," "Icicles (Going North), "Nico Norte" and "The Reclusive Hero." ... Former Crackerbush/Jr. High leader Sean Croghan's From Burnt Orange To Midnight Blue, the debut from In Music We Trust, is an exquisite work that brings to mind — but doesn't sound like — the debuts from Elvis Costello and Beth Orton. "Cupid's Credit Card" is an English-punk-meets-new-wave rocker, while "Otis Tolstoy" is blue-eyed soul that can make you cry. The album features former Freewheelers leader Luther Russell guesting on organ and The Minders' Martyn Leaper and Rebecca Cole contributing vocals, drums and keyboards to several tracks... reports that MTV is having trouble maintaining its bulbous advertising revenue now that the entertainment corps can't hawk R-rated films to the under-16 set. "Already the cable network, in the midst of preparing for the advertising upfronts later this spring, has started to lose millions of dollars' worth of ads and promotions for recent R-rated movies, including spots for the gory hit 'Hannibal' and a proposed special on the new Brad Pitt-Julia Roberts movie 'The Mexican.'" We're sure they'll think of something. [Tuesday, March 27, 2001]

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