Ex-Black Flag Drummer Producing Zeke

New 'ferocious' album expected this summer

The high-speed punk-rockers Zeke, known for lead singer Blind Marky's shrieking (and for guitar work that sounds like Motörhead on crack), will be releasing a new album, Death Alley, this summer through Aces & Eights, according to the label's co-owner Danny Bland. "It's ferocious. I've heard a lot of people say it's the best thing they ever did," Bland said of the album, which is being produced by former Black Flag drummer Bill Stevenson (also known for his work with Descendants and All). "With the new bass player [Jeff Matz, a.k.a. "The Kid"], it's a step above anything they've ever done before," continued Bland. "Let's just say they're wearing heavy metal on their sleeve." — Jenny Tatone [Thursday, April 5, 2001]

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