Ladyfest Midwest To Include Le Tigre, The Need

Four-day fest to feature female bands, plus workshops

The torch (and tradition) from last year's Ladyfest will be carried out East this fall. Ladyfest Midwest will take place in Chicago Aug. 16–19 at the Historic Congress Theatre. Confirmed artists thus far include Amy Ray, The Butchies, Le Tigre, Tami Hart, The Need, Bratmobile, Slumber Party, The Hissyfits, Tracy and the Plastics, Blectum from Blechdom, Danielle Howle, DJ MINX, DJ Jenuine, Femme Fatale's Lauren Flax, Rainbow Sugar, Shannon Wright, and Tegan & Sara. The four-day festival showcasing the work of women artists is expected to benefit from the culture, art and increased diversity of a big-city setting. "In Chicago we can pull from so many different areas," said festival promoter Tammy Cresswell. "[Ladyfest attendees] will be exposed to new things they didn't know existed before. Chicago is very culturally and ethnically diverse. We want to take that and encompass it on a broader level.... And we definitely want men to be involved." Like the Olympia festival, Ladyfest Midwest will include workshops ranging from guitar maintenance and motorcycle mechanics to self-defense, kickboxing and mammograms. Tickets will go on sale through on April 20. Cresswell estimates they will sell for between $60 and $65. — Jenny Tatone [Thursday, April 5, 2001]

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