Murder City Devils For Halloween

New Pennywise album due in June

Seattle punk-rockers the Murder City Devils (known for their evil organ sound and lead singer Spencer Moody's howling vocals), will release their fourth full-length in October, just in time for Halloween. The as-yet-untitled album was originally scheduled for a June release, but was pushed back to accommodate keyboardist Leslie Hardy, who has carpal tunnel syndrome and plans to have hand surgery, according to MCD guitarist Nate Manny. "We don't set out to be evil," Manny said. "We don't try to make goals or set rules on what a song can or can't sound like. But by the time the six of us are done with a song, it ends up turning out that way." — Jenny Tatone ... Pennywise's seventh album, Land Of The Free, will be released June 19. To name the album, the group asked for suggestions from fans, then chose from the thousands that were registered at their pennywisdomcom site. [Monday, April 9, 2001]

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