Sleater-Kinney To Open For Patti Smith

New Lucinda Williams album due in June

In what will be one of their rare live appearances this year, Sleater-Kinney will open for Patti Smith at a Seattle show this August as part of "Summer Nights at the Pier." This will be the first time S-K and Smith share a stage. A new S-K album isn't likely until late 2002, according to the band. ... Lucinda Williams' next album will be titled Essence and released on Universal Music Group's new Lost Highway label on June 12, according to a report in the April issue of Ice magazine. The 11-song follow-up to Williams' acclaimed 1998 album, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, was co-produced by Williams and guitarist Charlie Sexton. Some of the songs: "Lonely Girls," "Steal Your Love," "I Envy the Wind" and "Bus to Baton Rouge." ... Latest issue of The Wire includes, in addition to a fascinating interview with John Cale, a 13-song Matador Records compilation disc. The disc features Solex's version of "The Cutter"; "Demons Sing Love Songs," a track off Unwound's upcoming album, Leaves Turn Inside You; Bardo Pond's "Syn. Dept."; and an excellent song, "Marsh Blues," by the Wisdom of Harry. [Thursday, April 12, 2001]

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