69Plunderphonics96 Heisted By Negativland

John Oswald says Negativland have decided to 'liberate' his album

Avant-garde audio-video assemblage artist John Oswald announced Monday, April 16, that he will not be releasing his two-CD career overview, 69Plunderphonics96 on his own Fony record label, because he has "been unable to secure certain key licensing deals." The album incorporates samples from recordings by artists ranging from Michael Jackson to the Doors. In a statement issued Monday, Oswald said, "Rather than put out an emasculated version of the set, we've decided not to publish it at all." He revealed, however, that the underground collective known as Negativland, who he describes as "my associates," have "decided to liberate (or steal, depending on your point of view) the complete package" and will release it on their Seeland label. At, the group confirms that they have "borrowed" the album and artwork. "Oswald has been restricted from releasing this music so SEELAND has stepped in and 'borrowed' this package and made it available to you. Profits will be invested in the future of plunderphonics." The album will sell for one-third of the planned $100-per-set price. "Since the new release plans do not entail licensing fees, the suggested retail list price will, according to Negativland, plummet to one-third of our originally projected list price — the new retail list is $33.33 USD," said Oswald. [Wednesday, April 18, 2001]

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