Social Distortion Album Pushed Back

Next album won't see release 'til year's end

The next album from Social Distortion, originally scheduled for a fall release, won't be out until the end of the year, according to Sarah Barba, a Time Bomb Recordings spokeswoman. "Mike [Ness] is currently writing new material," Barba said. "The band will likely go into studio this summer, with plans to release a new album by the year's end." Ness has described the sound of the group's eighth album as having "a real '70s feel and a real 2000 feel." She added that it would "be a departure from our others without losing our signature style." The album, to be produced by longtime SD producer James Saez, will be the group's first without guitarist Dennis Danell, who died in February as the result of a brain aneurysm. Social Distortion will tour following the album's release, according to Barba. — Jenny Tatone [Tuesday, May 1, 2001]

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