Wellwater Conspiracy's The Scroll and Its Combinations

R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe Tells Q band briefly broke up

The Wellwater Conspiracy, a Seattle two-piece consisting of current Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron and Monster Magnet founder John McBain, will release their third album in late May, according to TVT Records spokesperson Robin Becker. The album, titled The Scroll and Its Combinations, is "very psychedelic," according to Becker. The band says its name comes from an urban legend about a hippie in the mid-'70s who threatened to put LSD in Minnesota's drinking water. — Jenny Tatone ... R.E.M. broke up during the making of Up in 1998 and figured that would be their last album, but then the trio "fucking sat down and talked" and worked things out, Michael Stipe says in a Q magazine interview. "I completely shut down during the making of that record," Stipe says. "I had the mother of all writer's blocks, just because the band was falling apart. At one point, I had to get used to the idea that we had completely split up. I was working on what I thought would be our last will and testament. When you see relationships that are that important to you fold and collapse, and you can't find a solution to it... I'm really not overstating anything here. It was awful. I still hear that when I listen to the record, but it's also very beautiful." Making R.E.M.'s new album, Reveal, was a completely different — and very positive — experience, Peter Buck told InsiderOne. "I think we were all feeling really strongly that we had to make a great record," Buck said. — Michael Goldberg... Orange County's guitar-driven, psyche-rockers Nebula, whose latest album Charged was just released by Sub Pop, will begin a U.S. tour May 22 in Denver. They will tour the Southeast and East Coast, then head to Europe for some shows before a string of West Coast appearances in Seattle, San Francisco and L. A. in late June. — JT [Friday, May 4, 2001]

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