Epitaph's Gurewitz Rejoins Bad Religion

New album expected before year's end

Original Bad Religion guitarist/songwriter Brett Gurewitz, owner of Epitaph Records, has rejoined the band. "Having Brett rejoin the band and being back home on Epitaph are personally more significant to me than almost anything we have ever achieved as a band," Bad Religion vocalist Greg Graffin said in a statement released by the label. "This is what we have done together since we were teenagers, sketching the Epitaph logo on scratchpads in my mom's living room after rehearsal, singing harmonies together in a VW bus on our California punk-club tours, writing songs on napkins in Denny's after shows." The band plans to record a new album this summer for release before the end of the year. "I haven't been this excited about writing in six years; this is like a big family reunion," Gurewitz said in the statement. Gurewitz originally founded Epitaph to release Bad Religion's debut album, How Could Hell Be Any Worse. [Friday, May 11, 2001]

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