Air's Downbeat 10,000 Hz Legends

Duo say album is 'like a drug trip'

The French duo Air — known for their beautifully ambient soundscapes and surreal aural collages — will release their next full-length album May 29. 10,000 Hz Legends is more akin to last year's The Virgin Suicides, their critically acclaimed soundtrack to Sofia Coppola's debut film, than to their previous album, the upbeat Moon Safari. "It's like a Pink Floyd record, but with humor," Air's Nicolas Godin told Billboard. "It's definitely like a drug trip, which scares me and Jean [Jean-Benoit Dunckel] because we're not drug addicts." Beck sings on "The Vagabond" and reads poetry on "Don't Be Light." Other contributors include former Red Kross drummer Brian Reitzell and Sugar and Yumiko of Buffalo Daughter. The album is being released jointly through Astralwerks and Air's own recently established label, Record Makers. Air's U.S. tour begins June 14 in Dallas. They will be joined by Jason Falkner on bass and backing vocals; James Rotundi on keyboards and Brian Reitzell on drums. Opening for Air will be Sébastien Tellier (pronounced tell-yay), a 25-year-old Parisian musician whose album L'Incroyable Verite is on Record Makers. For tour dates, check out the Air site. — Jenny Tatone [Friday, May 11, 2001]

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