Mark Eitzel Returns With The Invisible Man

U. S. tour to begin in late June

Acclaimed San Francisco singer/songwriter/guitarist Mark Eitzel will release his fourth solo album, The Invisible Man, on Matador Records on May 22. It's been over three years since Eitzel's last album, Caught in A Trap and I Can't Back Out, 'Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby. For the new album, Eitzel produced most of the tracks and created most of the music himself as well. "I worked on The Invisible Man for over two years, writing over 40 songs, and recording with a bunch of different people, but mostly by myself," Eitzel says on the Matador Web site. "I wrote all of the songs on an acoustic guitar, but finished most with a sampler and Pro-Tools on a Mac G-4 computer (affectionately nicknamed 'The Dumb Ass') in the front room of my house in San Francisco. Most of the time I had on headphones and the neighbors never complained." The songs: "The Boy With the Hammer in A Paper Bag," "Can You See," "Christian Science Reading Room," "Sleep," "To the Sea," "Shine," "Steve I Always Knew," "Bitterness," "Without You," "The Global Sweep of Human History," "Seeing Eye Dog" and "Proclaim Your Joy." Eitzel, frontman for American Music Club from the mid-'80s through the mid-'90s, will begin a U.S. tour June 22 at the Knitting Factory in L.A. The band Eitzel will perform with will include drums, a second guitar and "some electronics," according to Matador.

Mark Eitzel tour dates:

June 22; Los Angeles, Calif.; Knitting Factory

June 23; Tempe, Ariz.,; Nita's Hideaway

June 25; Tucson, Ariz.; Solar Culture

June 27; Dallas, Texas; Gypsy Tea Room

June 28; Austin, Texas; The Mercury

June 30; New Orleans, La.; El Matador

July 2; Orlando, Fla.; Sapphire

July 3; Miami, Fla.; TBA

July 5; Athens, Ga.; 40 Watt Club

July 6; Atlanta, Ga.; Echo Lounge

July 7; Carrboro, N.C.; The Arts Center

July 9; Philadelphia, Pa.; North Star Bar

July 10; Hoboken, N.J.; Maxwell's

July 11; Cambridge, Mass.; House of Blues

July 13; New York, N.Y.; Village Underground

July 14; Washington, D.C.; Black Cat

July 16; Columbus, Ohio; Little Brother's

July 17; Detroit, Mich.; Magic Bag

July 18; Chicago, Ill.; Double Door

July 20; Milwaukee, Wis.; Shank Hall

July 21; Minneapolis, Minn.; 400 Star

July 24; Seattle, Wash.; Crocodile Café

July 25; Portland, Ore.; Aladdin Theater

July 30; San Francisco, Calif; Great American Music Hall

— Michael Goldberg [Friday, May 11, 2001]

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