Prof. Felten To Talk About RIAA Threat

Remember Professor Edward Felten of Princeton University? He's the dude who, along with some other researchers, cracked the SDMI code. He was threatened by the RIAA, who didn't want him to present a paper at the Fourth International Information Hiding Workshop last month (April 2001) on how to get around copy-protection technology being created by the Secure Digital Music Initiative (S.D.M.I.). He's giving a lecture, "Reading Between the Lines: Lessons from the SDMI Challenge and its Aftermath," on Thursday, May 17 in the Math Department (building 380) at Stanford University. Felten will discuss "the status of anti-copying technology" and "how the music industry is trying to prevent copying," provide "an overview of the technical analysis" that was in his paper, discuss "how and why the authors were threatened" and more. For directions, head here: and click on "Building 380 Mathematics" in the list of Academic and Administrative Buildings. For parking info, check this out: — Michael Goldberg [Tuesday, May 15, 2001]

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