unwound's West Coast Tour

unwound, the experimental punk-rock trio from Olympia, Wash., will play a short string of West Coast shows beginning in late June in support of their recent album Leaves Turn Inside You, a two-CD set of beautifully droning, powerfully mesmerizing rock songs. "What they are sonically is a combination of all their obvious influences," explained Steve Fisk, who produced Challenge for A Civilized Society and co-produced New Plastic Ideas. Over the years unwound have created a sound all their own, Fisk said — dissonant, distorted, feedback-heavy, a sound their loyal following has come to know and love them for. Fisk, who worked on two of the songs on the new album, said of unwound: "They're progressive rock without being stupid.They have very angular riffs and themes. Justin's [singer/guitarist Justin Trosper] guitar is really shrill and aggressive and nasty — [he] has a strong presence." unwound have been a part of the Northwest independent-music scene since forming in 1991. Even when the Northwest was flooded by major-label execs signing Seattle "grunge" bands in the early '90s, the group turned down offers and stayed with Kill Rock Stars, whose first release was an unwound record. They have remained committed to that label, and have no interest in dealing with the corporate music business, Fisk said.

unwound tour dates

June 29; Portland, Ore.; Crystal Ballroom, with The Ex

June 30; Seattle, Wash.; Grassland, with The Ex

July 6–7; San Francisco, Calif.; Great American Music Hall, with Rainer Maria and Juno

July 8; Los Angeles, Calif.; El Rey Theater, with Rainer Maria and Juno

July 9; San Diego, Calif.; Casaba

— Jenny Tatone [Wednesday, May 16, 2001]

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