Plaid's Double Figure For Summer Plus Squarepusher

Plaid's upcoming album is titled Double Figure and will be released on the Warp label May 29. The 19 track album is often subversively etherial ("Light Rain") but gets a bit, shall we say, busy ("Ooh Be Do") and even a bit Wagnerian ("Squance") at times. Plaid — Andy Turner and Ed Hanley — have been working together for over a decade. The duo have launched a new micrositeSquarepusher single, "My Red Hot Car." One of the folks at Other Music has called the title track "the most infectious, inventive dance single of the year"; it features the infectious vocal hook "I wanna fuck you with my red hot car." You can download an MP3 of the song for free off the Warp Records site if you sign up for their info email. The single also inclues: "Hardcore Obelisk," "I Wish You Obelisk" and a hidden track. [Friday, May 18, 2001]

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