New 12-Inch Singles From Beatless, Interfearance, Kirk Degiorgio

On June 6, San Francisco-based Ubiquity Records will release three vinyl singles worth your time, by Beatless, Interfearance and Kirk Degiorgio. The three records — two 12-inch singles and one 10-inch — confirm the label's continued movement away from its Acid Jazz origins and toward more flexible, undefined categories. Beatless, the partnership of West London producer Alex Attias (Mustang, Catalyst) and Talking Loud A&R man Paul Martin, are the least genre-bound of the three — their 12-inch "The Truth" is an amalgam of house, funk, gospel, UK garage and minimalist soul. Following the group's contributions to Ubiquity's "New Latinaires" series, the single is a teaser for an album due in October.

Interfearance's first recording for Ubiquity (they were previously on London) includes "Dinheiro" and "Salvasaran." It's lush, organic house in the vein of Joe Claussell's tropical stormers, driven by rippling acoustic guitars, stand-up bass and dense, polyrhythmic layers of Afro-Latin percussion.

Kirk Degiorgio's arrival at the Bay Area imprint coincides with his contractual release from UK label Island Blue, where his As One project has been held up in legal limbo for several years. His first single for Ubiquity, a 10-inch featuring "Another Revolution" and "Undefeated," finds him continuing to develop his vision of electric jazz; heavily influenced by Herbie Hancock, Degiorgio crafts psychedelic post-techno swirling with Moogs, breakbeats and modal jazz. — Philip Sherburne [Wednesday, May 30, 2001]

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