Neu! Albums Re-Released

Astralwerks has just released the three pivotal albums, long out of print, by the groundbreaking and highly influential German avant-garde rock band Neu! The debut album, Neu! (now known as Neu! #1) is absolutely brilliant — you need this album. It includes the song "Negativland," which is where a band that we know and love got its name. Also re-released: Neu! #2 (which includes "Seeland," which became the name of Negativland's record company) and Neu! '75. See for yourself why Sonic Youth, Eno, Bowie and Radiohead worship this band. "Neu!: aural visionary minimalist icons in a wilderness of psychedelia and beyond inspired us with their heroic beats and flat-out grooves..." is how Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo puts it. . — Michael Goldberg [Thursday, May 31, 2001]

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