London Suede Sessions

Beck producer Tony Hoffer (Midnight Vultures) is behind the board as the London Suede begin recording their fifth studio album somewhere "in the English countryside," according to a Columbia Records spokesperson. "We all loved what he did on Midnight Vultures, we were playing it all the time on the bus on the last tour, so he seemed an ideal choice," London Suede leader Brett Anderson told the Suede Information Service. "It turned out that he was a big fan.... He'd been to see us a few times when we played in the States, so we tried out a few things with him when we were demoing at Rockfield, got on really well with him, and it all just fell into place." The group's Web site ( has been retooled; it now includes a live feed via a webcam located in the studio where the group is recording. — Michael Goldberg [Friday, June 1, 2001]

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