Information is a new alternative pop culture site. Created by Internet pioneer Michael Goldberg, it currently features "The InsiderOne Daily Report," daily album reviews in the "44.1 kHz" area, the weekly column "The Drama You've Been Craving," a sampling of what Michael Goldberg is into at the moment in the "List" section, frequent music information updates in "Datastream" plus archives of interviews, columns, reviews and Daily Reports.

The site features the design talents of the extraordinary Emme Stone, large amounts of writing (plus photographs) by Michael Goldberg, copy editing by the amazing Mary Eisenhart, and reviews by an esteemed group of critics: Anthony Carew, John Darnielle, Kevin John, Kembrew McLeod, Philip Sherburne, Randy Reiss, Jenny Tatone and John Walker.

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InsiderOne is a consulting and production company serving the online and offline entertainment business.

Newsweek magazine called InsiderOne President Michael Goldberg "an Internet visionary." Goldberg founded Addicted To Noise, the first music site on the Web with original content, in 1994, and held the position of senior vice president at SonicNet and MTVi before founding InsiderOne in June 2000. [Please see the biography section for more information on Mr. Goldberg.]

InsiderOne Services

InsiderOne helps entertainment companies develop their ideas, clarify their vision and implement their strategies.

InsiderOne creates a name and brand image-whether establishing an identity for a new company or helping a seasoned client radically reinvent itself.

InsiderOne produces original content in a full range of genres and media—from journalistic (audio, video, text, image) to fictional (Flash animation serials, comic strips, etc.).

Companies that InsiderOne and/or Michael Goldberg has worked with include:

:: Rolling Stone
:: MTV
:: SonicNet
:: Addicted To Noise
:: Convergence Media
:: ARTISTdirect
:: MuchMusic/CableVision
:: StarPolish
:: Reprise Records
:: Wired Magazine
:: The Box
:: Frank Kozik/ Man's Ruin
:: National Records
:: Silicon Graphics
:: Digidesign
:: Boulevards magazine
:: Warner Bros. Records
:: The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
:: San Francisco magazine
:: Paradigm Music Entertainment
:: RioPort
:: Interscope Records
:: Liberty Digital/TCI Music

Michael Goldberg/InsiderOne can be reached via email:

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