1. Wilco, A.M.

2. The Morells

3. "The Chris Isaak Show"

4. Chris Isaak, Forever Blue

5. Low, The Curtain Hits The Cast

6. Knoxville Girls, In A Paper Suit

7. B.R.M.C., Black Motorcycle Club advance

8. Spoon, Girls Can Tell

9. Spoon, A Series of Sneaks

10. Spoon, Soft Effects

11. "The Sopranos"

12. Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel advance

13. Low, Things We Lost In The Fire

14. The Black Heart Procession, -three-

15. The Black Heart Procession, fish the holes on frozen lakes

16. Destiny's Child, "Say My Name"

17. Miss Ludella Black, She's Out There

18. Shipping News, Very soon, and in pleasant company.

19. Red House Painters, Old Ramon advance

20. Tim Easton, The Truth About Us

List is a sampling of what Michael Goldberg has been reading, listening to or viewing lately.

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