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  Tuesday, December 26, 2000

That Great American Value: Owning Something

InsiderOne's Michael Goldberg writes: If, for some reason, it wasn't already apparent to you that the president-elect is an idiot, his performance on Wednesday, December 20 would have done the trick. The president of the United States should be an articulate, thoughtful, intelligent individual with great leadership qualities. But when an election is stolen, a moron can come to power. You'd think the corporate powers that own W. would want a more convincing frontman than a boy in a suit who continually trips over his words, who thinks that if he can just get one of those fifty-dollar words like "vast" or "robust" out of his mouth, he deserves a round of applause. W. actually said, in introducing Mel Martinez, the man he's named as his secretary for housing and urban development: "...there's no greater American value than owning something." Owning something? No greater American value than owning something? What about love? What about compassion? What about perseverance? What about heroism? Was that something that just popped out of W.'s mouth, or did he really intend to say it? W. may be a mediocre individual in every way, but he's also a scary one. He indicated Wednesday that he's ready to get energy from wherever it can be found, environment be damned. He intends to proceed with his tax-cut plan — the one that will benefit those who really need a break: the rich. (I guess W. will be able to honor that great American value by doing additional shopping with the money he'll save in taxes.) He keeps talking about "compassionate conservatism," but that just seems to be code for a right-wing agenda. Thus far, there appears to be nothing bipartisan about the plan for America W. will attempt to implement. What we have is a president-elect who was not elected by the majority of Americans, a president-elect who does not represent the will of the people, but who intends to move forward as if he won by a landslide. I believe that W. will set this country further back than either his father or Reagan did. Perhaps it is just coincidence, but the stock market began a serious free-fall the day W. was designated president-elect. "I'm hopeful that this economy stays strong," said W. "I'm also a realist, and one of my jobs is to think ahead, just in case." He added that if things go south, he's got "a plan." And plenty of swampland in Florida we can purchase from brother Jeb, don't you think?

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