Coldplay, Parachute (Nettwerk): Calling England's Coldplay the new U2 or the new Radiohead would be easy (and has already been done), but also like calling Springsteen the new Dylan back in '71, when, obviously, he was always his own man, with his own sound. And so it is with Coldplay. Sometimes singer Chris Martin sounds a bit like the late Jeff Buckley and at others echoes the young John Martyn — but mostly he ends up sounding like a soulful young folk-rocker who hasn't turned cynical yet, and who can hit a high falsetto when he wants. Guitarist Jon Buckland knows when to stay in the background, and when to kick in with chiming notes that, yes, occasionally reference The Edge. You'll find the great, hooky pop-rock "Yellow" irresistible as I did — it's already been a top-5 hit in England. Once you fall for "Yellow," the rest of the album will kick in, and fast. — Michael Goldberg

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