The Transfused (Yoyo): The rock opera The Transfused is breathtakingly ambitious, but the work itself is even more impressive, managing to succeed as both art and an attack on corporate America. The music is powerful, at-times-abstract rock. Written and performed by Nomy Lamm and the modernist post-riot grrrl duo The Need (with a large supporting cast of vocalists that includes members of Team Dresch), The Transfused is set more than 100 years in the future and tells the story of rebellion against The Corporation (a theme dear to my own heart, which ran through my own fictional work, 1999's "rrrebel.com"). In The Transfused even the very air the populace breathes comes at tremendous cost, as they slave away to produce what the liner notes describe as "useless and absurd commodities." — Michael Goldberg

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