At the Drive-In, Relationship of Command (Virgin): At the Drive-In make noisy, edgy revolution rock. Singer Cedric Bixler, who sports an Afro reminiscent of the late MC5 singer Rob Tyner (the MC5 are a definite influence), has a bit of Rage's Zach de la Rocha in his voice. But ATDI are more rock than hard rock. Their sound has evolved over the course of several outstanding indie releases (In/Casiono/Out, Vava), becoming huge and Cinemascopic. "One Armed Scissor" is about as perfect as a rock song can be. The music roars along, occasionally slowing to build tension, then letting loose with a corrosive guitar assault. Half the time I can't understand what Bixler is singing, and then out pops an awesome line. At one point, I believe, it's guitarist Jim Ward who sings "Get away! Get away!", followed by Bixler shouting what sounds like "Sad transmission from the one-armed scissor." Who wouldn't want to stand back from that? Then, almost in passing, Bixler offers this piece of wisdom: "I write to remember." That I understand. — Michael Goldberg

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