Magnétophone, I Guess Sometimes I Need to Be Reminded of How Much You Love Me (4AD): The layered drones, treated tones, and heavily-distorted beats of English electro duo Magnétophone make for a sound floating in a middle ground between The Third Eye Foundation, Autechre and Boards of Canada, the combo to whom Magnétophone owe their biggest debt. Their debut album flits between uneasy ambient pieces, pop songs buried in layers and loops, and crunchy takes on the IDM sound. But, even when they dabble with dance-floor sounds, Magnétophone make music that openly solicits the home-listener/chin-scratcher set. Even during I Guess Sometimes...'s occasional forays into cute musical terrain, it retains an air of melancholy, which, depending on your musical persuasion, is either a blessing or a curse. — Anthony Carew

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