DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, Brain Freeze (7 Inch): "Turntablist movement this, turntablist movement that," I hear you saying. "Why can't they just play the records?" If you doubt the power of a good turntablist, Brain Freeze will show you what's what, though it probably helps to be a fan of '60s and '70s James Brown-influenced funky soul. DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist take you on a stunning sonic journey that clocks in at just under an hour and feels like a blissfully-paced trip back in time, to the era when soul was first shaking its tail feather over to funk. Even if you're not interested in the history lesson, there's scratching aplenty to leave your mind spinning while you try to figure out exactly how they're making the sounds coming from their turntables. Consider that Brain Freeze's two tracks were recorded live, using only 45s. Lord knows how many different songs are mixed together here, but it's likely a record-breaker. Brain Freeze has been quietly released on the pirate 7 Inch label, and both tracks are widely available on Napster (long-ass download, but well worth the wait). — Randy Reiss

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