Jesse Dayton, Tall Texas Tales, (Bullet Records): Each song on Tall Texas Tales,Jesse Dayton's sophomore solo album, is like the chapter of a book on country music (with the occasional foray into another genre). "Molasses Girl" takes the listener back to the 19th century with the antique, clunky sounds of a tuba matching wits with a banjo. "Arkansas Chrome (Duct Tape Song)" recall's country's earlier days, riding on a Johnny Cash guitar line, while "Blackjack" brings to mind a classic George Jones recording and "The Room Full of Blues" heads into Miles Davis territory. This predominantly old-school country collection also tells a bit of Road King singer Jesse Dayton's troubled ancestry. Check out this portrait from "Jumped Head First": "Second war put blood on his hands / He lost his mind and he lost his friends / Since then he ain't never been the same / And a single malt seems to ease the pain." — Jenny Tatone

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