Outkast, Stankonia (LaFace): Imagine if Sun Ra collaborated with 2 Live Crew or if Afrika Bambaataa and George Clinton had a threesome with Richard Simmons, and you might have a good idea what Outkast's Stankonia sounds like. Although this album probably doesn't live up to the chorus of critical praise that's been heaped upon it (it isn't the second coming of hip-hop), it nevertheless does a great job of translating left-of-center electronic dance music for the booty-shaking masses. The revved up electro-shocking b.p.m.'s and caffeine-dada lyrics of their first single, "B.O.B.," hit you over the head and keep it spinning like you're Linda Blair possessed by the demon spirit of Sir Mix-A-Lot. Also on the album are other gleaming gems including "Gasoline Dreams" and "?," Technicolor slam-dunks in the faces of cookie-cutter hip-hop pretenders. — Kembrew McLeod

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