The Moldy Peaches, The Moldy Peaches (Rough Trade): The bedroom-tape intimacy of these lo-fi, anti-folk ditties places them squarely in the confessional singer/songwriter tradition. But there's nothing traditional (or square) about the mortal kombat between vocalists Kimya Dawson and Adam Green — no yin/yang perfect fit, no superego/id tension, no soulmate bullshit. Instead, they finish off each other's sentences with floating images (sample interplay: "Tropicana, canned foods/ Botulism, damaged goods") in an effort to process everything that hits their East Coast senses in a day. If they still tend to fuse into one being after several listens, it's certainly not for any spiritual payoff; it's because two selves are better than one in tackling this affliction of the information-overload era. Far from erasing the erotic, though, they skew "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" with heterogeneous carnal knowledge. Their aggressively unstylized singing makes them each sound equally approachable, equally available and overwhelmingly sexy. On second thought, maybe there is a spiritual payoff here. (Email:moldypeaches2000@hotmail.com.) — Kevin John

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