Eleni Mandell, Thrill (Space Baby): If David Mamet ever does a remake of Double Indemnity (or tackles Fitzgerald's "The Last Tycoon"), Eleni Mandell is the woman to write the theme song. Thrill has its share of torch songs ("He Thinks He's in Love," "Closer to Him"), but it also rocks with the kind of nod to the '50s that Chris Isaak understands. Mandell can really sing, and she's got a voice that works whether she's rockin' or chillin'. "Pauline," the opener, is a fast ride with an even faster girl; "No Good, No More" is about succumbing to one's untamed nature; "1970 Red Chevelle" is a rip-roaring rewrite of "Hot Rod Lincoln." Retro cafés, booths with red leather upholstery, and scenes from "Tender Is the Night." Noir, done right, never goes out of fashion. — Michael Goldberg

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