The Donnas, The Donnas Turn 21 (Lookout!): Forget about feminism; how about reverse sexism? It's the ultimate badass rock revenge on today's limp misogyny. The Donnas have the most excellent rock 'n' roll attitude: "I'm tired of hitting on you," goes a lyric to "Do You Wanna Hit It?" "It's about time to be getting on you/ All messed up and I don't care/ So c'mon take off your underwear." The Donnas Turn 21 is all about the parties, the booze and the boys (always plural, as in "40 Boys in 40 Nights"). With penetrating hard-rock riffs, attitude-heavy Joan Jett-style vocals and supreme use of the cowbell, the Bay Area punk-rockers mix early Ramones with '80s metal (note the Judas Priest cover, "Livin' After Midnight"). Their tough pose and sexual candor should make Britney and Christina (and all the little Backstreet Boys) squirm with fear. — Jenny Tatone

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